Thank you Isabel Marant for making the ultimate racing ballerinas!

Doing the school run more regularly is quite new for me, seeing as I just spent the last five years missing 99% of school related activities for my eldest, but with everything going on in my life at the moment I still find myself racing everywhere: work-outs, meetings, doctor appointments, workshops, lunches, kids activities, playdates... phew! I get particularly pressed for time around the school run... and especially in the afternoon where I am usually racing back to West London from the City or Mayfair... do you have the same problem?

For the morning run it's a bit easier, as usually Little Monsieur's bag is prepared the night before, and I just jump into some leggings (or fight my way into them, depending on whether we're talking about a fat day and some pretty strong compression or not) and I'm ready... I know, no major make-up production, shock horror! But then my approach is why put on make-up if I'm going to sweat it all over my Sweaty Betty top less than an hour later? By the by, in my book waterproof mascara doesn't qualify as make-up... it's filed under the "proofs that you are alive and awake" category together with black coffee, and gets applied religiously before a foot is stepped outside, every single day.

Sorry, as often happens I am digressing. Back to topic: aka how I style my afternoon school run. As much as I love my activewear, you will never find me in my leggings past 2PM, unless I'm stuck by my laptop working or it's a two work-out day (Thursday, I have my eye on you). I tend to change out of my sweaty gear at the first opportunity, but instead of  jumping into sky-high heels, lately I'm mostly drawn to block heels and flats. A sign of old age, I hear you say... Maybe... but the truth is it's just  more comfortable when you're trying to juggle everything at the same time and not end up on your behind as you're trying to run towards the school gates.

This is why I'm loving my Leo / Leoni ballerinas so much... I know you'be seen them before but let me point out: 1) they are fabulous and 2) these are a different colour. I have them in black leather, camel suede and these, a sort of charcoal blue-ey grey. And, when Isabel Marant decides to make another colour (I don't know... maybe a burgundy? Hint hint!) I will go and buy that one as well. The addiction is real. Did I mention the grey ones have a shearling lining? It's like the cool boho version of the Uggs boots! And of course, I can run in them. So here it is, once again: Isabel, thank you for being such a fashion genius.

I guess by now you've realised this is yet another one of my outfits where I've dressed from the feet up. I seem to do that a lot. I went for tonal blues and greys throughout, to keep it all relatively muted. I love that I get to wear this Iro jacket more than in previous seasons, it's such a cool piece, not timeless per se but a modern classic which works with a lot of pieces in my closet. The bag is my current favourite navy handbag (after my Saint Laurent Sac de Jour which I'm now looking to sell as it's too small for my needs) and is, evidently, by Céline.

I'm guessing by now you've read enough of my ramblings, here are some further outfit details:
- Biker style jacket in charcoal knit with leather details, Iro
- Dark blue high waist Maria skinny jeans, J Brand
- Silk blouse in navy, Calypso St Barth
- Leoni suede eyelet ballerinas with lace-up detail, Isabel Marant
- Cashmere and silk shawl, Hermès
- Mock croc Cabas Belt bag, Céline
- Black frame sunglasses, Baby Marta by Céline
- Bolt necklace in multi-coloured gemstones, Missoma


Anonymous said...

Looking good S.! Those shoes are fab, I would also get them in every colour if I were you :) kisses. Camilla

Stephanie said...

Looking great darling! Love your outfit. Can you pls do an update post on your make-up. I know that you're glowing from within but would love to se what you have used anyway. Xxx stephanie

Hannah said...

Very chic at the school gate!

Layna said...

Looking smashing! This new life suits you!

Regine Karpel said...


Faux Fuchsia said...

I miss your blog!