Relaxed casual and enjoying my last few weeks in London

If I don't think about it too long, I might almost think I'll miss the great English Spring weather... You know, foggy until 8AM, then a sort of windy drizzle for a bit, and again we switch to warm, and back again... Then I think of how utterly annoying it has been all these years to dress for four seasons in the morning, and I'm actually glad to be moving away soon.

There are, however, many many things I will miss from my life in London. particularly the freedom to go virtually everywhere as you are (I will forever cherish the memory of that young woman in her fabulous purple tie-dye and feathered look in the tube when I first arrived), to be who you want to be and behave as you want, regardless of Brexit votes and terrorist attacks, this will always be in my mind the city singled out by its utter open-mindedness.

The good news is, I am not gone just yet, and right now I'm enjoying my beautiful London from the comfort of my leave, with time to enjoy my favourite haunts and to catch up my my friends before flying off.

I am dressing much more casually as a result... (don't worry there are heels in this blog's future soon) but I am very much style obsessed nevertheless and still loving sharing my outfit finds with you. I hope you don't mind this short casual Mamma phase.

Unusually for me this outfit started with a jumper. Or, rather more accurately, an Instagram post. Does anyone else use Instagram as a rolling source of inspiration? For me it's like a permanently evolving moodboard where clicking on pictures leads me to other feeds and new worlds etc. I am a bit hooked. Anyways, back to the jumper. I recently discovered this brand called Jumper1234, a cashmere focused name which, like similar company Wyse, has taken SW London by storm and is revolutionising our approach to cashmere. Just as warm and fluffy, but with a super modern edge: baseball sweater shapes, patterns including stars and rainbows, and the odd injection of colour.

These are the answer to transatlantic Duffy and 360 Cashmere, mark my words. In fact, so obsessed have I become with Jumper1234, I now follow their Insta and if the little sneakpeek picture is anything  to go by, I cannot wait for AW2017.

I fell instantly in love with this jumper and though it took a while to get the information I was able to track down one of the few remaining ones in my size via the wonderful team at Quattro Rish, and here it is... on its first outing to King's Road. It was one of those weird days where it felt good to layer, although the weather did get a bit milder towards the early afternoon. I pulled out my grey coat, one of the few remaining in my closet after the big sale (if you haven't followed: I lost two dress sizes recently, my style has become a little less feminine, a bit more minimalist but not too much, and also I'm moving to a much warmer climate, so I have sold most of my London closet recently, although there are still pieces left if anyone is interested).

Anyways I'm rambling and I need to send so many emails tonight so here are some outfit details before I leave you:
- Baseball cashmere jumper with stars on sleeves, Jumper1234
- Skinny jeans, Verdugo by Paige Denim
- Double face coat, Gant
- Surteint cashmere and silk shawl, from the Men collection, Herm├Ęs
- Mock croc cabas phantom bag, Vestiaire Collective
- Flatform white leather plimsolls, No Name


Ann Roehrs said...

Nice outfit! And your glad to be moving away so no missing London for you!

shin said...

Love this outfit. Best wishes for the next chapter.