Spring style for fresh beginnings

I love a day like today. The new season brings sunshine and the fresh crisp air makes me yearn for new beginnings, which is exactly what is ahead  for me... more details soon I promise!

By way of a teaser, before we dive into the sartorial aspects of this post, I am thinking I better make the best of these defined changes of season during the last few days here because, where we are headed, it is seemingly pretty same same all year round (same same as in warm and sunny, thank you very much!) Anyways... I'm sure I'll be back to the Northern Hemisphere during my travels, at least to see the fiery colours of my beloved Autumn.

Over my years living in France and the UK, I think I pretty much perfected my layering style... something I didn't really need to care for during my youth in Morocco. Basically, as a Londoner, you need a layered look anytime between September 1st and July 1st if you want to survive the multiple personality disorder of local weather... ignore this rule and you might freeze, sweat profusely or, with a bit of luck, turn up to your post-work drinks looking like you stepped out of the shower, fully dressed and drenched. Not a good look (unless of course you are going to a wet tee-shirt competition...)

The issue is, at 5'1", I can't do the layering look like a Slovenian model. I did try the Burberry checked blanket once at Bicester Village, and I looked like an extra on a movie about refugees. For me, what works needs to be trimmer: less asymmetric homeless cardis, more waist skimming perfectos, tailored jackets or parkas over soft tees, and always a massive wrap or a shawl around my neck and shoulders. Of course I realise that not every occasion or every wallet warrants an Hermès shawl so the other day when I was in Zara buying the kids' monthly clothes supply (they do grow like weeds and I refuse to dress them in clothes that are two sizes too big so "they can grow into them") I came across this super soft beauty. It's probably longer than I'm tall, I haven't checked, but it's feels absolutely lush  and works as the perfect anti-chill for early Spring days like today.

Obviously, once there, it was impossible to ignore the little piece of suede-like beauty. Let me tell you, if you buy one thing from Zara this month (as if any of us fashionistas was able to limit ourselves to one thing), this jacket needs to be it. Look at those fab zip details, and the belt... totally lust-worthy... It has Spring written all over it, will work dressed down as I have here, or over a cute evening dress on a night out. Today I have paired it with my favourite kick-flare cropped jeans, and the simplest white tee, and it was totally effortless and easy.

Before I go, a couple of words on accessories, because I feel that these take this outfit into a whole different territory. First the bag: can you believe Céline has discontinued the tie bag? I can't. It's a great understated tote, very sober and it came in gorgeous colours... Thankfully I was able to snag this gorgeous teal one before they all disappear (and, if you are a like-minded fan, I'm selling my black one on my closet's instagram account... @sandra_s_closet). I love most Céline bags but this is one of the least recognisable and I really liked it for that reason.

I can't say my shoes were love at first sight... for a long time I wondered what to think about the trend of flatform slides with major bow ties... but after trying one pair I was sold. I am much taller in them but also they are very unique and can take a boring jeans and tee outfit into a whole other league.

My sunnies are a similar story. I tried them on in Tulum after losing my Céline Baby Martas in the waves (who goes swimming in the rough shore with their sunnies on?) when Nadine was sweet enough to lend them to me and I wasn't sure I looked any good in them, but then I fell in love with their retro look and of course I ordered myself a pair the moment I arrived in London. Hopeless, I tell you.

Anyways, enough rambling, here are some links:
- Suede touch perfecto, Zara (Blanc NYC has a similar look)
- Cropped kick-flare skinny jeans, Set
- Giant grey shawl, Zara
- Tie bag, Céline. all discontinued, but if you fancy the black one from my closet check out Sandra's Closet
- Bow tie flatform slides, Kurt Geiger
- Mirrored sunglasses, So Real by Dior


Tessy said...

Beautiful and stylish as usual. Keep the posts coming!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Have missed your updates, comments and banter!

Pauline said...

I love the way you right, so witty and funny! The light colors suit you very well!

Natalie said...

Love these colours for you, you look so fresh! And I agree with Pauline, your writing style is really good! Hope to read more soon!