The outfit post where I finally showcase my favourite top

I know, I shouldn't have favourites, I should love all my clothes the same... But what can I do, I'm very susceptible to style and detail, and hence whilst I do have clothes which I profoundly dislike (thinking about my old lady suits which are reserved for very senior meetings) and others which make my heart sing.

Take yesterday's cotton top. I wear this all the time, so much so that the embroidered cotton has let go a couple of times in the wash, only to be mended lovingly. It has a gorgeous detail, and the hem and cuff trim in guipure is just dreamy, and yet, until today, I had never managed to do a post about it... Although of course you can barely see it as I am wearing a cashmere jumper over it, but hopefully you see the detail: the cotton has leafy cutouts embroidered on to it, it's absolutely stunning. But, when I first saw it, although I fell instantly for it, I couldn't justify the price tag (well above £400!) and decided to wait for the sales...

Obviously, once the sales were on there wasn't a single UK based retailer which still had my size in this beauty... Do you think I considered myself beaten? Pff, of course not, I quickly found that the website of the Printemps group, which doesn't ship internationally (why, in this day and age, does this still exist?!), had one piece in my size and so I promptly enrolled my ever so patient sister, the same who got me my Céline tie cabas and many more things when I couldn't get them here, to order the blouse for me. Crisis averted. I know you can only see little details of it, but isn't it such a beauty?

By the way, whilst I'm here, let me tell you about my very Isabel Marant-esque booties. Like the French designer's Crisi model, these have a desert boot feel with a little internal wedge (I need all the help I can get height-wise!) but... they are a fabulous bargain find! If you ever wanted a Crisi lookalike for half the price, look no further!

Find out more about yesterday's outfit:
- Fur-trimmed parka, Alessandra Chamonix
- Dark denim skinny jeans, J Brand
- Cashmere jumper in textured knit, Kujten
- Cotton embroidered blouse, from the AW2015 collection, Vanessa Bruno
- Suede ankle boots with inside wedge (Crisi lookalike), Prego
- Lindy bag in Etoupe, size 30, Hermès


Sam said...

Stylishly warm... and that blouse looks dreamy! More pictures please!

Heather Day said...

Beautiful details on the top x

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies! xx Sandra

Angela said...

Sandra what is your secret? You look younger than when you started this blog!

LittleS said...

Angela... I don't know... I guess I'm just much happier and healthier? Cheesy, but true!