TLP foodie notes: Brunch at The Breakfast Club

It's Saturday... Hopefully you are out and about, maybe having a sweaty work-out to kick off the week-end, or like most parents you have put on your driver's cap and you are chauffeur-ing your glorious offspring to their various activities, birthday parties, playdates... In any case I hope you aren't working, and that you have put these two days aside to indulge in some lovely fresh food, preferably eaten lazily around a table with friends and not at your desk as per usual, although a TV dinner watching a movie also sounds dreamy...

As you know, I follow a loosely strict diet during the week days (sounds like an oxymoron, but what it means is basically I do my best to eat virtuously most days, and don't sweat the small stuff when I diverge) but the week-end is the sacred time for indulging, either at home with some home-cooked feast prepared by yours truly, and duly photographed for my Insta feed much to the annoyance of everyone present, or, even better, at one of London's eateries.

By the way, I was reflecting the other day on how things have changed on that front... When I first lived in London during my internship, it was dire... very much so. Hey don't go thinking I'm in my fifties or something, things really starting picking up on the food scene maybe 10/12 years ago!!! Fast forward to today, and we are really spoiled for choice.

I recently discovered The Breakfast Club. I'd been to the CW branch before for lunch but never for breakfast or brunch, one of the reasons being I'd one spotted the queue at the Soho branch and as a rule I never queue more than 15 minutes for food, and even in that case it needs to be slightly more than pancakes I'm waiting for... So yes the Brekkie Club has been around for a while, but I've only sampled their brunch recently, and my reco is: put this on your list of to-dos!

This time I went to the Battersea branch, where I was greeted by an assortment of yummy mummies cum prams, young hipsters working away on their laptops, and the odd post-pilates legging clad pancake lover (yes, that would be the group I belonged to...)

I knew the menu would be filled with breakfast must-haves, like health bowls and benedicts and of course some seriously overloaded pancakes, but what struck me was the utter friendliness of the staff. Helpful, super nice, quick to take the orders and deliver the food, I hadn't seen such a customer focused front of house in a very long time this side of the pond.

The juices are fresh and delicious, the coffees piping hot and made exactly as ordered, and the food is both picture perfect and delicious. I asked for my pancakes without the customary cream topping, but I can tell you even the simplified version with berries and syrup was gloriously fluffy, sweet and memorable. I will be back.

Have I wet your appetite? Maybe this would be a good place for brunch tomorrow? Check out all the details for the various locations on:


Natalia said...

Those pancakes look epic! On my list for my next London visit!

PoppysStyle said...

So glad you love it! I've yet to go but a friend from University is the owner - we used to work behind a bar together so knew all about customer service serving surly Scotsmen and arrogant students! :)

LittleS said...

@Natalia - they are a must! But then so are the eggs... hard to pick!!
@PoppysStyle - I was really impressed both times I went (once for lunch in CW and once breakfast in Battersea), it's a rare thing to come across and really something the whole team should take pride in.