An afternoon at the Bulgari Hotel Spa London

If you want to understand how much I loathe packing, you just have to consider this: instead of finishing the bags for our trip to the Maldives tomorrow, this afternoon I abandoned all that swimwear and assorted sunglasses and went instead to the spa... I know, queen procrastinator, that's my middle name. In all fairness though, I had booked this a long time ago, under the wishful thinking that I would be done packing by this morning (ha ha) and also, I had wanted to check out the Bulgari Spa for a while, so this was the perfect day.

On arrival, I was given a full tour of the facilities, all two floors of them, including a state-of-the-art gym, fabulous changing rooms, and of course the most beautiful indoor pool I have seen in a long time. Not since the Corinthia had I been this impressed with a London spa. Everything is light stone, warm woods, and soft light. I fall instantly in love with the relaxation room, with its fireplace and privacy drapes. The reception team is incredibly welcoming and helpful, but be warned that the Bulgari Spa operates a strict policy of minimum two hours treatment bookings in order to gain access to the full facilities, so make sure you book accordingly!

Having quickly changed and locked my things away in the gorgeous changing room (which was dotted with numerous bathrobes that every single other guest I saw was discarding straight to the floor, instead of using the very visible laundry bins, why???) I headed out to the pool and jacuzzi area, where I was able to order a super healthy lunch, as documented on my Instagram feed: candied beetroot with quinoa and goat cheese, with a juice of carrot, apple and orange. To order you literally just have to press a little button on the table by your bed... pure indulgence.

Shortly before my treatment, I headed out to catch up on my reading in the relaxation room, and soon it was time to head for my room. First up: a detox body treatment. Divine. Dry body brushing, followed by a peppermint boosted exfoliation, followed by a detox wrap where my body was covered in a tingly warm oil and gel mix before being rolled, pretty much like a burrito, into a giant foil sheet. I spent a good 30 minutes in my new Mexican impersonation, whilst my therapist, the lovely Koko, administered a head massage. This was followed by the best shower I've head in a while, with my skin coming out super soft and feeling ultra clean. Time for a full body massage, using Espa's detoxifying oil, all the way from toes to neck. Perfection.

I was then booked in for a personalised facial. It was great, particularly the facial massage, which was really fabulous and left my skin plumped and feeling very fresh. But, and there is a big but. Personalised this facial was not. In fact there wasn't even a consultation to understand what my skin needed. Today I would have needed a good exfoliation followed by some extractions and at least one acid mask, instead I was given a plumping facial with hydrating masks which did nothing to improve the slight congestion I am seeing on my T zone. Don't get me wrong, it was a wonderful anti-ageing / hydrating facial, but it was not what I needed. In all honesty, I wasn't expecting much more, because in all my years I've never had a good facial at a facility with Espa treatments, whereas the body treatments are always on point. I should probably stop trying... and just go for my detox wraps instead...

All in, a great afternoon and a very beautiful spa, but I'm off to finish packing now and you might well find me in my bathroom under a cleansing mask around 2am...

Find out more: https://www.bulgarihotels.com

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Lana said...

That pool, totally dreamy!