Family breakfast at The Rail House Café

If I ever end up on some death row somewhere (I know, it sounds quite far-fetched, but you never know, I do get murder wishes when I have to sit and listen to certain people...), and they ask me what my last meal should be, I will say breakfast, hands down. See, I grew up in an era when breakfast was almost a forgotten meal in most places, but thankfully this has now been rectified and most restaurants worth their salt have a breakfast menu. Some, I would say, should be renowned for it; that is the case of the Riding House Café, a place I have loved for years, but which is a bit far for impromptu family breakfasts, I tend to do girlie catch-ups there post Psycle. When I heard the same people behind the Riding House opened a café closer to me, near Victoria, I knew we had to try it.

We went to The Rail House Café the morning following my birthday / leaving London party, and let me tell you, with all the roadworks around Victoria these days, it was a nightmare to get to, and I almost wished we'd gone all the way to Fitzrovia instead! I blame my foul mood on the way there on the lack of coffee (note to self: after a heavy night, drink coffee before going out of the house, you never know how long it will take to get to the breakfast table). That was soon all forgotten and forgiven when we discovered the super light space and wrap-around bar. As I expected, the decor is eclectic with highlights of teal blue over metallics and neutral colours, plush banquettes and retro chairs. The tiled tables on the corner are particularly pretty, as evidenced by the numerous pictures you'll find of them on Instagram... I did get major design envy with the lamp pendants.

Like the Riding House, this space offers a look-out onto the open kitchen, where Little Madame and I observed the team dishing some yummy breakfast staples. Let me tell you: unlike her brother who would sit through brunch at The Connaught behaving like an angel, she is an extremely curious toddler and runs literally everywhere... However the team were unequivocally cool about it, super friendly and easy-going and didn't bat an eyelid when I explained that I had ordered three dishes for my children to give them options and could they please give me a takeaway box for the uneaten porridge so she could have it in the afternoon. Full marks for fabulous service, if you ask me.

The food itself is obviously beautifully presented, but most importantly it is really yummy. Little Monsieur ended up loving the matcha waffles even though he initially scrunched up his nose at the green colour and the lashings of compote... I wolfed down my avocado and chard adaptation of eggs florentine, and Little Madame gave a circumspect nod of approval to the fruit tabbouleh. The juices were delicious, especially the pineapple one, which was laced with cardammon and other spices. The coffee was evidently a god-send, but maybe I was a bit biased on that front that morning!

Due to the early hour, the restaurant didn't feel crowded at all, just four other tables besides ours, but I would expect that the place gets quite packed towards brunch time on week-ends, so I would recommend booking.

Check out more details and book here: http://railhouse.cafe/

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