Who said trampolines are for kids?!

If you follow my Instagram, you must have come across some odd-looking pictures of my lycra-clad legs on a mini trampoline quite a few times... I thought it was time to give you an explanation: it's true, three times a week, I become five years old again and I jump on a trampoline like my life depended on it... Ok, not quite. This is actually a fitness class at my local club, and it involves all sorts of jumping movements on a specially designed mini trampoline which is specifically sprung for this exercise.

Why a trampoline, you ask? True, I could just do my jumping jacks, squat jumps and other jumping lunges on the floor (like I did last week when trialing the Viking Method, on which I will surely write  a post soon...), but the reality is 1) it hurts my joints after a while and 2) my body gets very tired much quicker and I can only do a few minutes of jumping or HIIT on the floor at a time. On the mini trampoline, I can go for a good hour and a half, although the burn is just as good... Not to mention the sweating (sorry for the above pictures, I know I look drenched).

Basically the little trampoline (called a rebounder, apparently) takes off the strain on the joints, whilst the jumping and "pushing" action from the feet on the platform work out both the muscles and the lymphatic system (I didn't make that one up, I swear). This means you get a full detox as well as a body conditioning work-out... I know, impressive...

Great, that was the science bit. The thing is, for me this is a fun and different way to get my cardio fix, as the different movements and mini combinations (for lack of actual choreography) mean I'm too busy focusing on hitting the right jumps to think about the burn. Beyond the scientific evidence as to why this works, this is why I keep coming back, and also the ladies in my class are real darlings who are lots of fun to jump with.

Usually I get a major work-out on the upper legs from this (yes, I know, that comes as a real shock), particularly the hamstrings and the glutes, but also around the abs as a lot of movements involve lifting the knees above the hip and you can't do this by leaning back unless you want to fall down from the trampoline...! Overall though I can feel my whole body working when I'm at a Jump class. What more can you ask for?

Where to Jump...:
- Jump at the Harbour Club Chelsea (part of David Lloyd)
- Check out ReboundUK for more classes in the UK and even to order your own mini trampoline!

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Anonymous said...

Sandra you are such an inspiration! Look at you killing it on that trampoline! Lara