I'm an adopted Londoner, having moved here in 2004 for my job in the City. Before that, I lived in France where I met a wonderful frog (now Hubby Dearest), and before that I grew up in Morocco with a Portuguese mother... Pretty international right? Hopefully this all gives me a slightly different take on things! An investment banker by career, really I'm a fashionista at heart, and I love sharing my finds for style, beauty, travel, and so much more.

I started posting pictures of my outfits after people asked me to post action shots more often, but I have to admit that some of the pictures are far from perfect... This is not a professional magazine and I am not a model!

I share a house in South West London with the very patient Hubby Dearest, two posh cats who are so spoiled they think we're actually their slaves  (don't all cats?), and my two adored children. Little Monsieur and Little Madame's arrivals gave me a whole new range of interests, so you'll see me posting about baby and children activities, shopping ideas, etc. I'll also be sharing how much having children has impacted my life: I used to do conf calls whilst getting a mani and replying to emails, all in high heels of course, now I have to do all this as my foot rocks the Bugaboo back and forth! And my collection of ballerinas has increased in the process...

I hope you enjoy my little musings, I know that I have fun writing this blog so thanks for reading me!

A few of the things I love... sushi, cats, beautiful handbags, preferably French or Italian, shopping in Knightsbridge, Faubourg St Ho, and the Upper East Side, and of course travelling for fun (note to self: need to do more of that and less of the business travelling)

What I don't really enjoy...  milk, fools who try to pass as competent people, bloated legs I get from too much flying (though the airmiles come in really handy, thanks!), when Hubby Dearest switches the TV to what I call 'That Horrible Show' (code for Top Gear), not seeing enough of my babas

After a few months, I staerted started cooperating a bit more closely with some of the businesses that I love, as evidenced by the banners to the right of my page, but in all my posts the opinions are my own and I only write something nice about a product or a service if I've really enjoyed it. Similarly if something makes me unhappy I tend to be quite vocal on the topic!

A little note on comments:
I love and welcome comments from everyone, and don't have a problem with people who want to express different views to mine, if I was afraid of people disagreeing with me I wouldn't have a blog, would I? I will however delete any comment that is offensive or insulting, or that is an advertisement for a website selling dubiously sourced goods or fakes, please don't repeat them, I'll just keep removing them. Sorry if you don't like this, but it is after all, my blog...